SHINYGEL Professional Power Base ZEO 12g

  • SHINYGEL Professional Power Base ZEO 12g
  • SHINYGEL Professional Power Base ZEO 12g
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科学と技術力の結集・高密着ベースジェル パワーベースとの違い特徴ゼオライト配合 水素結合グリーンネイル対策と及放湿作用 縮みの低減 使用方法 推奨と非推奨のケース ケース注意事項
Product description 【Power Base ZEO】
New released antibacterial and highly adhesive base gel, "Power Base ZEO".

By improving the current Power Base and blending it with an ingredient called Zeolite, we have succeeded in dramatically increasing the antibacterial effect and stability of fixation while taking advantage of the characteristics of hydrogen bonding.

We have tested this product on nails on which it is difficult for gel nails to stay long in the past, and found that 98% of them showed good results.

In addition, the product has improved operability, such as less flowing and faster self-leveling.
This base gel is suitable for those who have been using Power Base, but also for those who have been hesitant to use it or have given up on mastering it.
This is a base gel worth trying.
Content amount 12g
Curing time -LED36W (SHINYGEL Professional): 30-35 seconds
-LED16W (SHINYGEL): 45 seconds
Note *Do not apply extremely thinly.
*Using with Gloss Hard (hard gel) is not recommended.
*If you have long nails, make sure to apply gel enough to make it strong enough.
*Be careful of the amount of grinding gels when using the machine so as not to grind off the natural nail in case of relatively thin application.