SHINYGEL Professional Carbonate Bubble Treatment (Value pack 10 pieces)

  • SHINYGEL Professional Carbonate Bubble Treatment (Value pack 10 pieces)
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*Please click here to refer the PDF data when the images cannot be read clearly.

*Please click here to refer the PDF data when the images cannot be read clearly.

Product description Skin care item using with carbonated water for hands, foot, and face.

Take a hand bath with carbonated water before preparation to remove extra oil and dirt on the skin, and soften the cuticle.
Improve blood circulation by warm hand bathing, and care for fingertips and whole hands.



Care hands with water inescapably by the preparation after the hand bath with carbonated water.

It was said that the care with water before gel application caused the trouble, but the care with water is actually more effective to remove loose skin than the care without water, and also to keep more moisture on the hand and nails.
The hand care with water is now getting attention for these merits even for the gel nail.

Besides that, our Power Base reacting to water will more effective to make gel nail stay stronger with this hand care with water.

So now, we are proposing a new treatment menu at the nail salon, "Aqua Gel Nail".
We believe that the new menu, the hand care with carbonated water before gel application with Power base plus the hand care with carbonated water after the removing of gel nail, can be the one and only menu with a lot of merits for both the customers and the nail salons.

This "Aqua Gel Nail" will enhance the differentiation of your nail salon.

These relaxation menus will improve the customer satisfaction and also result in the improvement of the customer spending.
Content amount ・1st powder ... 10g * 10pieces
・2nd powder ... 15g * 10pieces
How to use Put the first powder into the proper amount of hot water in a bowl, then stir well.
Add the second powder into it, and stir well. Put hands or foot into it for 5-15 min.
When using it for face, cleanse makeup and clean face with cleansing foam before using.
Ingredients 1st powder ingredients : citric acid, malic acid, silica
2nd powder ingredients : sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate, marine salt, sodium lauroyl glutamate, hyaluronate sodium, water, flavor
Country of origin Japan
Note - Use with a care for a skin trouble. Stop using if it doesn't work for your skin.
- Must use according to the instructions on the package.
- Do NOT use on the part with a trouble like cut, lump, eczema, etc.
- Stop using this immediately when skin abnormalities such as redness, tumor, itching, irritation, or discolored, etc. appears during/after the application or after the application with sunlights, and consult with a doctor.
- Rinse eye well without rubbing if this treatment goes into an eye.
- Do NOT eat.
- Keep out of children's reach.
- Must use 1st powder and 2nd powder together.
■ manufacturer : Sunpalko Co.,ltd
■ distributor : World Beauty Works Co., LTD / +81-75-956-7700
■ country of manufacture: Japan
■ category : cosmetics for skin