SHINYGEL Professional Gel Brush / Gradation

  • SHINYGEL Professional Gel Brush / Gradation
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Product description

SHINYGEL professional round gel nail brush for professional-use.

We adopt "Kumano-fude" from Kumano, the No.1 place of production of brush in the world, with a focus on Made-in-Japan and user-friendliness.

We have customized existing brushes of our SHINYGEL series gaining high popularity to professional-use and improved its usability.
Bristles of brush is softer and a little bit thinner to control the amount of gels on it.

This is a wide brush for making a gradation nail.

Original SHINYGEL Professional brush cap is attached to this brush. (This cap is unusable for existing SHINYGEL Professional square brush, round brush, french brush and art brush.)


shape : gradation
length : about 157 mm
length of bristles : about 8-6 mm  

How to care

* Clean a brush with gel cleaner and wipe off with paper towel after the treatment and at the time of changing colors. It is recommended to keep a brush with a cap with a head of the brush facing downward.

* Please note that the head of brush can be hardened or deteriorated by a small amount of UV light if you leave brush with gels.